About Rachel de Faut

Rachel's career in Property Management began eight years ago while working as a bookeeper for a property management company. She became a licensed NC Real Estate Agent shortly thereafter, realizing that she had a passion for real estate.  Rachel believes in hands-on property management: for instance, in-person showings and involved oversight of maintenance and repairs. She also enjoys helping my clients locate, renovate, and rent investment properties.

In today's market, the opportunities are immense for buyers. In Wilmington, we are blessed with a thriving tourist trade, which makes it ripe for short term fully furnished rentals. If you have an occasional 2nd or vacation home in the Cape Fear region (maybe at the beach), that you don't want to sell right now, or that you are trying to sell (but not at the lowest price!), Rachel can help you rent it!

Rachel de Faut
Owner / Broker / Realtor
Sea River Realty
1916 Wolcott Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28401
910 -520-1815

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